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[S4E5] Get Right Or Get Left !FULL!

Helen brought up her recalled memory of the day her father left to support her position, and it was a rollercoaster of emotions, getting flashbacks to a young Helen and her parents, delivering some more background on this character we love.

[S4E5] Get Right or Get Left

Iggy: I hate that I did that to you.Helen: And I hated you for doing it. It was violating. But you were right. I'm about to cross an ocean to be close to my mom, and I have no idea who she is anymore. I've always thought of my dad as a coward, but he was holding me. He was holding me like he wanted me, and he tried to reach out so many times, I never answered, and I was okay with it, but what if I was wrong. The fact that he died knowing I hated him.

Max makes her feel safe. He's who she had to cling to for comfort. But arriving at their rooftop, which has served as their sacred place, seeing Max there, but also Veronica, and overhearing that Max won't leave New Amsterdam in her hands, shattered whatever Helen had left.

Laura isn't by his side. She's left the words "I love you too I'm sorry" written in Scrabble pieces on the table. She's taken the boots he offered and the gun he gave her and gone. John is devastated. He had told her he'd rather leave and have her stay in the cabin because so long as she's alive, the world is more alive. But she's a runner. Maybe, like Morgan, she just can't stand the thought of losing people. I lose people and then I lose myself.

The Walking Dead has always had a hard time with authentic romances. Glenn and Maggie's relationship was okay, but just about every other attempt at romance has been pretty bad. Rick and Michonne just sort of happened out of the blue right after Rick's previous love interest, Jesse, died. So that was weird and felt (and still feels) forced.

We only had one brief scene in the present timeline. It picks back up where last week's episode left off, presumably after John told Morgan his story of loss after learning of Laura's "death." Morgan says that the others have lost their way, that they only ever think of killing and fighting to solve problems.

The day before the wedding, the group travels to Shelter Island only to find that the venue is a yoga resort, which disappointingly serves only vegan food and non-alcoholic drinks. Stella finds out Robin has been invited to the wedding, which makes her angry and uncomfortable as Robin is Ted's ex. She says that her ex Tony would be the last person she would want at her and Ted's wedding and then asks Ted to uninvite Robin. Barney calls Robin. She has not left Japan yet, but he lies and tells the others she is already on the plane.

In the Neitherlands, Alice and Christopher Plover have gotten to the fountains outside the Library, and use Christopher's World Book to find the right fountain to get to the proper world for Christopher. As they go, Christopher's conversation with Alice annoys her enough to have her use her light-shifting magic to alter the Book, so it identifies the wrong fountain.

Alice and Christopher get to a fountain marked with a pile of books as its symbol, which Christopher doesn't recognize, but Alice insists is the right one. It has a locked cover; they unlock and remove the cover; Alice finds a rope, ties it, and tosses one end in, so if things aren't right, Christopher can find his way back. Christopher climbs into the fountain. Alice unties the rope and tosses it into the fountain. (We saw this fountain symbol in "Ramifications"; it's the entrance to the Poison Room.)

In Fillory, Margo is all set to go find her birthright box, and asks Penny 23 to give her a lift there. He's busy helping Julia with her goddess status, even though Margo says he just doing so to score points with Julia. This doesn't help: Penny 23 Travels away. Then Fen finds Margo and asks, where's Eliot? Margo tells her.

In Fillory, Fen has been crying for hours, and is amazed that Margo hasn't been crying for Eliot as well. Margo says she's been busy. Rafe walks in, and there's something wrong with Her Slowness Abigail: she hasn't spoken to him all day. Rafe is near tears at that, so Fen comforts him, but Margo says she's going off to find her birthright box.

Julia and Shoshana search the Brakebills library, as the Monster sits around, bored. Shoshana finds a book with the right symbol in it, which Julia quickly grabs and keeps the Monster from noticing; she rips out of the book a page with what looks like a map of the human body.

In Whitespire, Margo has obtained her birthright box, and goes to Fen, looking for the palace locksmith. Fen sends her to the carpenters. While the carpenter works on the box, Rafe joins them to say all of the talking animals of the kingdom seem to have lost their voices. Then the box gets opened, and inside is a live lizard. If things were normal in Fillory, the lizard would tell Margo her birthright, but ... all the talking animals have gone silent. Margo goes for a nap.

Eliot and Charlton are back at the Cottage to check memories off the list, and Eliot asks Charlton where he found his door. It was the memory of the day Charlton left home, and Eliot realizes it's probably the memory he fears most. Eliot has an idea.

Back at the apartment, Alice does the spell on the World Book to find the "right" place for her. She tries to convince Quentin and Julia that she should stay around. she could help deal with the Monster. Quentin says saving his life isn't enough, he loved her, but he can't trust her now. He closes the book and puts it in front of her. She picks up the book and leaves.

They have a list of places to search on their Eddie Hunt, and one of the guys mentions that Reefer Rick is home from prison. There might be a chance that Eddie is hanging out there. Jason adds it to the list. If you pause at the right time, you can see that they have drama class and AV closet listed among the places. Because yes, Eddie has been hiding in the AV closet at the elementary school this whole time.

Back at the Creel House, the group finds that the attic is definitely the hot spot for Vecna. As they stand around, their flashlights all begin to glow. It increases in brightness as the room flips, and we are transported to the Upside Down, where Vecna has attached himself to these tentacles.

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Interestingly, the couple returned and demanded an apology, which Marjan honored. However, things went left when the couple decided that they wanted financial compensation for their troubles. The pair demanded that Marjan link her millions of followers to a GoFundMe page.

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