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Buy Wool Socks Online

Help us welcome the newest member of the GRIP6 family of products, Rocky Mountain sourced wool socks. Of course they come with our industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee. No more wrestling with the cruel balance of your outdoor enthusiasm and gougy sock prices for products that never last.

buy wool socks online


Wool is the superfood of textiles. Not only does it wick moisture, but also contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbialproperties, without the use of chemicals! Translation: say good-bye to stinky shoes and feet. The wool fibers themselves are extremely strong and elastic, giving an immediate stretchy yet supportive comfort that lasts.

And wool insulates, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These unique wool qualities cannot be mentioned without a nod to its unbelievable breathability, keeping air and moisture moving out while body temperature stays stable.

One principal reason we decided to make our socks out of wool is that it is easily renewable, recyclable, and locally sourced. This allows for responsible scalability as more and more people realize how amazing GRIP6 Socks are. We've developed great relationships with the ranchers that provide the source of our wool. We've already teamed up with Albert Wilde, a 6th generation sheep rancher, to create and operate a wool testing station right here in Utah. This endeavor will ensure wool quality continues to increase not only for GRIP6 products, but for many other wool products across America.

Foot comfort has never been as invigorating as when wearing a fine pair of wooly socks on your journey! The unique feel of genuine Aran Donegal wool on your feet is the perfect fit for keeping tired feet cosy and secure all year round.

Wigwam Socks is the Wisconsin sock manufacturer specializing in making socks for athletes, outdoorsmen, working professionals, and medical patients. Wigwam Socks is the vanguard sock manufacturing, utilizing innovations like moisture-absorbing and blister-preventing fabrics. Achieve your personal best inside or outdoors, shop Wigwam Socks online at West Bend Woolen Mills today!

West Bend Woolen Mills offers an extensive line of quality Wigwam socks designed for increased performance and comfort at work, on the sports field, and outdoors. Wigwam athletic and CoolMax socks feature sport, work, and tube socks from low-cut to high-top styles. We offer Wigwam socks for medical patients, working professionals, and outdoor sportsmen and enthusiasts, including diabetic walker socks, Thermax liner socks, double sole crew socks, steel toe work socks, and more. We offer a selection of Wigwam wool socks and outdoor socks for the whole family. Our outdoor Wigwam socks feature the highest quality cotton and 2-ply rag wool for maximum comfort in any dry, wet, hot, or cold environment.

Improve your style and performance at work and outdoors with West Bend Woolen Mills huge selection of Wigwam socks. If you need additional information of Wigwam socks, or other outdoor clothing product, call West Bend Woolen Mills today at 1.877.334.7052, or contact us online.

Outdoor activities are tough on feet, so a pair of high-tech socks is your first line of defense for dry, comfortable and blister-free feet. While "technical socks" might sound funny, there's no denying the big improvement they make over your old all-cotton tube socks.

Athletic/multisport socks: This broad category ranges from traditional white gym socks (updated with moisture-wicking fabrics) to technical socks intended for cross-training and running. Most provide some sole cushioning but have minimal bulk overall.

Running socks: These range from thin liner socks with very little padding to those with dense cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot. Some runners prefer less padding for a better fit in their shoes; others like more padding for added cushioning and reduced foot fatigue.

Lightweight hiking socks: These relatively thin socks provide a good fit for hikers with high-volume feet (i.e., feet that are wide or have a high instep). They wick away moisture and offer modest cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot. They are thinner, especially on the top, than midweight socks and can be worn with or without liner socks.

Midweight backpacking socks: Their additional thickness gives a good fit to hikers with low-volume feet (i.e., feet that are narrow or have a low instep). They offer more padding in the heel and ball of the foot than do lightweight hiking socks, plus cushioning on the top of the foot and leg for comfort on long trails. They can be worn with or without liner socks.

Ski and snowboard socks: These are padded in the shin area and usually underfoot as well. Otherwise, they are thin and not intended to provide significant warmth; rather they are meant to protect your feet from pressure points and rubbing inside the boots. Their design also serves to not interfere with the energy needed to make quick turns.

Liner socks: These are worn under a pair of regular hiking socks. Typically made of synthetics such as CoolMax polyester, they pull moisture away from the feet to the outer sock where it can evaporate. Liner socks are popular with hikers because they can be washed and dried more quickly than regular socks on long trips.

Toe socks: Like gloves for your feet, seamless "toe socks" help prevent between-toe blisters. (Note: Between-toe blisters can also be the result of too-tight shoes.) Typically made of synthetic fibers, toe socks are intended for running or hiking.

Merino wool: The fine, itch-free fibers of merino wool have virtually replaced the scratchy ragg-wool socks previous generations used. Their biggest advantage is that they are thermostatic (temperature-regulating), so your feet stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, which helps feet remain dry in most conditions.

Cotton: Cotton is not recommended for active uses, so you'll find few or no such styles at REI. The problem with 100% cotton socks is that they absorb sweat, saturate quickly and dry slowly, which is a perfect recipe for blisters.

Arch reinforcements: Some socks offer a tighter, reinforced weave in the arch to improve support. This is primarily helpful if you have high arches, but can be useful for those with regular arches or flat feet as well. Without proper support, arches can develop arch pain or even plantar fasciitis, which can cause severe pain in your heels. Keep in mind, though, that your footwear is the key factor for arch support.

Height: In many cases, this is merely a personal or style preference. However, crew and quarter socks do offer abrasion protection from your boot tops, so we recommend socks at least this tall when you're wearing mid- or high-cut boots.

Fit: To get the right size, look for manufacturer-specific size information on any product page. When you try on socks, pay attention to how they fit in the toe and the heel. Correct length is the key criteria. If a sock is too long, it will bunch up over your toes. If it's too short, the sock will slide down into the shoe and feel tight. For heavily padded socks, try them on with your shoes to ensure they fit comfortably without making your shoes too tight.

A: Fit is your #1 criteria, so it depends on your footwear. Counter-intuitively, midweight socks actually absorb more water than lightweight ones, which allows your feet to stay cooler and drier despite the extra bulk. Wool gets saturated a bit faster than synthetics, but they help regulate temperatures better.

A: Proper sock thickness depends on the fit of your footwear. If you have a low-volume foot, you'll probably want thicker socks; high-volume feet usually require thinner socks. Always try on socks with your shoes to make sure they fit comfortably.

A: Not necessarily. The most important factor is having your footwear fit right. An REI footwear specialist can help you with this. Consider liner socks whenever additional volume is needed or in combination with slightly thinner regular socks.

A: Save space by bringing several pairs of liner socks and 1 pair of backpacking socks. Your sweat gets absorbed by the liner socks, while your backpacking socks stay relatively clean. With this approach, you need only to replace the liner socks every day with fresh ones. Wash out your liner socks as needed (they dry much faster than thicker socks.)

We're working with ZQRX wool growers to bring the most responsible and renewable Merino to you. Using a Regenerative Index platform, growers are improving and measuring how much they give back to the environments during their farming practices.

For unparalleled warmth there is nothing that beats a pair of natural, heavy weave 100% wool socks. These socks are luxuriously comfortable, entirely biodegradable and unbelievably cosy. They are the Belgian Trippel of the sock world.

Entirely made with 100% pure wool from British rare breed flocks, these Donegal Socks are the unique end product of the third generation family business involved in the manufacturing of traditional wool socks.

No chemicals are used as this hardy pure wool is naturally incredibly resilient, so much so that many people find they can be worn without frequent laundering, which is obviously good for the planet. Please take care to cold wash to avoid shrinkage.

A good sock makes all the difference. Whether it's a long work shift, a full day of running errands, or a leg-day workout at the gym, your feet carry you through it all. That's why we design our socks with a proprietary blend of natural alpaca wool that focuses on comfort and function.

But we didn't stop there. We carry the widest selection of alpaca socks and styles, from pattern socks to high-performance athletic socks, no-show ghost socks, and bootie socks, ensuring you won't be boxed into a limited run of set colors or style socks.

Solid colour socks are an ideal wardrobe essential, in fact no sock drawer would be complete without a fine pair of solid colour socks. Pantherella's fine merino wool Camden socks are a classic. A firm favourite with our customers the world over they are the perfect fit for every occasion. 041b061a72


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