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Origin 8.5 Serial Number

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Origin 8.5 Serial Number

NORTHAMPTON, Mass., April 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- OriginLab Corporation today announced the release of Origin 8.5.1 and OriginPro 8.5.1. With a version number usually indicative of an incremental improvement, this new version promises to surprise users not only with its numerous improvements and enhancements, but also with its new analysis features often found only in major updates.

Lastly, we want to point out that your Origin software has some great new features. For more information on key features by version, see the page on our website.

Networks, InstallationNode-locked, Multi-seatConcurrent NetworkNetworks, ConcurrentNetworks, Multi-seat Node-lockedInstructions for getting started with the multi-seat node-locked and concurrent network packages are available on the OriginLab website (

Both the Origin upgrade and the newly-purchased products install into a new program folder. Origin does not overwrite previous versions when upgrading, so your old version continues to function. Likewise, your original version does not have to be installed when running the upgrade.

If you installed Origin with an incorrect serial number, you can correct it by running the Origin Add or Remove Files program located in your Origin program icon folder, or rerun the Origin installer (both require a log in account with administrator permissions). When the Origin setup program starts, select the Modify option and then click Yes to change your serial number.

License, Concurrent NetworkNetworks, InstallationConcurrent NetworkNetworks, ConcurrentFLEXnetEach Origin computer must connect to a FLEXnet license service to run Origin. Your IT department or Origin administrator installs a FLEXnet license server provided by OriginLab (available from the Origin DVD), obtains a license for this server from the OriginLab website, and then sets up a license service. The license service counts and restricts the number of Origin computers that can run concurrently.For more information, see the Help Center on the OriginLab website (

Origin, Service ReleasesWhen called for, OriginLab publishes free service releases (patches). A service release typically provides bug fixes and may include some minor improvements. All customers are encouraged to apply service releases to ensure that your Origin software performs correctly. To check if a patch is available, select the Check for Updates command from the Help menu. Patches are also available from the Support area of the OriginLab website (

OriginLab regularly releases new versions of Origin, adding features and feature improvements based on customer input. Customers with maintenance are entitled - and encouraged - to use the most recent Origin version. After a new version release, OriginLab and the team of Origin distributors notify maintenance customers by email. However, to make sure you receive notification of a new version release, please create an account on the OriginLab website ( and select the check box in your user profile to receive "product updates".

Origin, Display LanguageOrigin packages sold to organizations in a limited number of countries, including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and China, may support running Origin with English display, or with Japanese, German or Chinese display. To access this language control, select Change Language from the Help menu.

If you would like to discover the age and precise date your clock shipped from our factory, you can purchase a Certificate of Origin for a small fee. Email with a photo (back and front) of your clock, or a description of it, along with the serial number for us to look up in our logbooks. Please also provide your billing/shipping address, phone number and the name you would like printed on the Certificate of Origin. Once we have verified the piece is an authentic Chelsea clock, we will send an order for payment and create the certificate.

Thank you for your note. Unfortunately, we would need the Chelsea Clock serial number from the case and inside movement in order to provide details of it manufacture date and to whom it was originally sold. Please let us know if you need any assistance in finding the numbers.

Depending on the model, the serial number could be on the back door of the clock. If not, then it should be on the clock movement itself. If you would like to send us an image (front and back views) we should be able to help determine where to find the serial number. You can upload images by visiting this page on our website: -restoration-form/index.phpThank you.

Tried to send picture from iPad could not as server indicated it was not receiving images. I removed the rear access panel and believe the serial # is 528846. Does this make sense. It is a desk mariner model with clock and barometer on bronze base with ball feet. Thanks. I would love to send picture it is near perfect condition.

Unfortunately, 528846 is not one of our serial numbers. However, from your description, the item may be a Chelsea Claremont Clock. I will send you a separate email so that you can attach an image in return. Once we have that, we may be able to more clearly identify the piece.Thank you!

Hello Carrie, For serial # 425783, the only information we find in our manufacturing log is the date of manufacture, which is 1944. Unfortunately, we do not have details to whom it was originally sold. Thank you.

Hello Reggie,According to our manufacturing log, serial # 772763 is listed as a 2 3/4 Viking Clock, originally sold to H.N. Calahan, Inc., on November 27, 1972. Unfortunately, that is all the information that we have on this piece. Thank you!

According to our manufacturing log, serial #111317 is listed as a Marine Mechanical Clock, originally sold to Marshall Field Co. on July 25, 1917. Unfortunately, that is all the information we have on this piece. Chelsea Clock does not provide appraisal services. You may wish to bring it to a local antique dealer to inquire about its current market value. Thank you!

wondering of the origins of a ships clock that I recently got from my parents that they got from their parents. Number on the bottom underneath etch in the wood is 134934. Bunde Upmeyer MIlwaukee. Thanks

Hours: since 24 hours = 1 day, we can infer that 24 hours has a time serial number of 1, which can be formatted as time to display 24:00 or 12:00 AM or 0:00. Whereas 12 hours or the time 12:00 has a value of 0.50 because it is half of 24 hours or half of a day, and 1 hour is 0.41666' because it's 1/24 of a day.

Seconds: since a second is 1/60 of a minute, which is 1/60 of an hour, which is 1/24 of a day. We can also say one second is 1/86400 of a day or in time serial number form it's 0.0000115740740740741...

You can type in various configurations of a date and Excel will automatically recognise it as a date and upon pressing ENTER it will convert it to a date serial number and apply a date format on the cell.

You can see in the table above that entering numbers that look like dates and are separated by a forward slash or hyphen will be recognised as a date. Even typing in a date with the month name gets converted to a date.

Now that we understand that Excel stores dates and time as serial numbers, you'll see how logical it is to perform math operations on these values. We'll look at some simple examples here and tackle the more complex scenarios later when we look at Date and Time Functions.

The time being added is input as a time serial number. Notice there are no negative times in the table below. Remember we can't display negative times. Instead we need to use the math operator to tell Excel to subtract time. See examples below.

Note: Times that roll over to the next day result in a time-date serial number >= 1. Cell E28 actually contains a time-serial number of 1.08333', but since the cell is formatted to display time formatted as h:mm:ss, only the time portion is visible.

Notice the last result in the table below shows ######, this is because it results in a negative time and Excel can't display that, but notice it can return a negative time serial number. More on how to solve this later.

This is important because if you try to take 14 hours from 12 hours (without a date) you'll get the dreaded ###### display in the cell, because negative dates and times cannot be displayed. We'll cover workarounds for this later, but for now keep in mind that math on dates and time that result in negative date-time serial numbers cannot be formatted as a date.

In the 1904 date system dates are calculated using 1st January 1904 as the starting point. The difference between the two date systems is 1,462 days. This means that the serial number of a date in the 1900 date system is always 1,462 days greater than the serial number of the same date in the 1904 date system. 1,462 days is equal to four years and one day (including one leap day).

- Excel applies date number formats based on your system region settings. For example, my system is set to display dates in dd/mm/yyyy format, but if you're in the U.S. your system is likely to format them as mm/dd/yyyy. Excel will automatically convert the format of date serial numbers to suit your system settings as long as it's one of the default date formats and not a custom number format.

You will have to use our forum to upload your file, I guess you may have the dates as text, not a formatted number. Please read more carefully the differences between a text and a date value.Here is our forum, you can upload a sample file (create a new topic after sign-up) 041b061a72


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