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Buy Floor Length Mirror

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Buy Floor Length Mirror

I am absolutely in love with this mirror!! The arched design, sleek metal framing, and huge size make this the perfect mirror for any space. Although this mirror from Amazon is one of the more expensive ones on this list, the size, durability, and quality really show it! Even with this mirror being the priciest on the list, the cost of this mirror is still significantly cheaper than most floor length mirrors!

The classic clean and straight lines of this mirrored accent any room or hallway in your home in style. Featuring an ultra-thin frame in a deep profile, it also features a hint of an industrial look. When it comes to installation, there are four metal brackets welded to the back of its frame. We recommend using suitable heavy-duty picture or mirror hooks. Plus, it can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

This mirror is the perfect size to hang horizontally over a double vanity in your bathroom, or hang vertically in your bedroom! It gives you plenty of room to admire your reflection and let light bounce around. It has a metal frame with a neutral finish that's bound to blend in with the rest of your room and fixtures. This mirror has keyhole openings on the back for easy installation in whichever direction you choose.

Tall and minimalist, this leaner mirror provides a full-body reflection while blending in with the rest of your décor. The leaning stand easily pops out, providing you with a free-standing mirror you can place anywhere. The aluminum frame is rust and corrosion-resistant and even saves weight so you can re-arrange with ease. The stand hides within the gap in the back, while the aluminum frame features holes on the top and sides for easy wall mounting. The long length allows for creative wall mounting in hallways, long walls, bathrooms, or anywhere in your home that could use extra visual space and reflection. Mount it horizontally or vertically!

Perfect for giving you a full view of your outfit, full-length mirrors are great for helping you preen and primp while also making your space look larger. This full-length mirror is an eye-catching addition to any modern suite. Rectangular in design, its frame comes crafted from anti-rust aluminum alloy, while the glass inside is made from shatter-proof glass. Its versatile design allows you to keep it on the ground, lean it against the wall, or mount it on any wall to save space.

This full-length mirror brightens any space, bouncing light around to help your room appear bigger. It boasts an elongated arched silhouette and a thin metal frame with a neutral finish. Versatile and flexible, situate this mirror however best suits your space: Lean it against a wall. This mirror features shatterproof glass and is rated for both damp and dry environments, working equally well in your bedroom or bathroom.

This rounded full-length mirror is made up of aluminum alloy & float glass. The rounded corner design is safer and protects against scratches, and the arc design makes it more unique than traditional mirrors. Each mirror is carefully crafted because we always adhere to the principle of high quality. We provide different sizes and colors for you to choose from.

Inspired by cathedral-style windows, this mirror features a classic look and a versatile design. Crafted with an iron frame, this mirror shows off a geometric, window-pane metal border that gives the appearance of a real window, for a brighter, livelier space. Its design makes it easy to hang or lean against your wall, and it works both horizontally and vertically. We love that this mirror makes your room appear larger by letting light bounce around.

This mirror is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy frame, which is durable and has a simple appearance, perfect for both vintage and modern style environments. It uses high-definition imaging to truly restore and reflect. A large dressing mirror is large enough for you to see your entire figure in a single glance, whether you're comm


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