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TMS FlexCel For VCL FMX XE-XE10.2 Tokyo


TMS FlexCel For VCL FMX XE-XE10.2 Tokyo

TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX XE-XE10.2 Tokyo: A Powerful and Flexible Excel Reporting Tool

TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX is a suite of components that allows you to create, manipulate, and render Excel files in Delphi and C++Builder applications. With TMS FlexCel, you can generate reports from templates or code, export data to Excel, PDF, HTML, or other formats, import and modify existing Excel files, and much more.

The latest version of TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX,, supports Embarcadero RAD Studio XE to XE10.2 Tokyo, including the latest 10.2 Tokyo Update 3. It also introduces several new features and improvements, such as:

A new FlexCel Studio for VCL FMX designer that allows you to create and edit templates visually in the IDE.

A new FlexCelPreview component that lets you preview and print reports with full support for zooming, panning, and page setup.

A new FlexCelHtmlExport component that allows you to export reports to HTML with high fidelity and interactivity.

Improved support for pivot tables, charts, conditional formatting, formulas, images, and more.

TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX is a powerful and flexible Excel reporting tool that can handle any reporting scenario. Whether you need to create simple invoices or complex dashboards, TMS FlexCel can help you achieve your goals with ease and efficiency.

To learn more about TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX XE-XE10.2 Tokyo, visit the official website at or download a free trial version at

In this article, we will show you how to use TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX to create a simple report from a template and export it to PDF. To follow along, you will need to have TMS FlexCel for VCL FMX XE-XE10.2 Tokyo installed in your RAD Studio IDE.

Step 1: Create a template

A template is an Excel file that contains the layout and formatting of the report, as well as placeholders for the data that will be filled in at runtime. You can create a template using any Excel application, or you can use the new FlexCel Studio for VCL FMX designer that is integrated in the IDE.

To launch the FlexCel Studio designer, go to Tools > TMS FlexCel Studio > New Template. This will open a blank Excel workbook where you can design your template. For this example, we will create a simple invoice template with the following elements:

A header with the company name, logo, address, and contact information.

A table with the invoice number, date, customer name, and customer address.

A table with the invoice items, including the description, quantity, unit price, and total price.

A footer with the subtotal, tax, shipping, and total amount.

You can use any Excel features to format and style your template, such as fonts, colors, borders, alignment, etc. You can also insert images, shapes, charts, or other objects as needed.

To indicate where the data will be inserted at runtime, you need to use special tags in the template. A tag is a text enclosed in brackets that starts with a # sign. For example, [#InvoiceNumber] is a tag that will be replaced by the invoice number when the report is generated. You can use tags in any cell or object in the template.

For this example, we will use the following tags:

[#InvoiceNumber] for the invoice number.

[#InvoiceDate] for the invoice date.

[#CustomerName] for the customer name.

[#CustomerAddress] for the customer address.

[#ItemDescription] for the item description.

[#ItemQuantity] for the item quantity.

[#ItemUnitPrice] for the item unit price.

[#ItemTotalPrice] for the item total price.

[#Subtotal] for the subtotal amount.

[#Tax] for the tax amount.

[#Shipping] for the shipping amount.

[#Total] for the total amount. 248dff8e21


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