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[New Release] D16 Group Phoscyon VSTi AU 1.8.0 (PC - MAC) WORK

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[New Release] D16 Group Phoscyon VSTi AU 1.8.0 (PC - MAC) WORK

[New Release] D16 Group Phoscyon VSTi AU 1.8.0 (PC - MAC)

If you are looking for a faithful emulation of the legendary 303 silver box, you might want to check out the latest version of Phoscyon by D16 Group. Phoscyon is a plugin that offers an unmatched sound together with advanced features such as a state of the art Distortion unit; fully user configurable BPM sync'd Arpeggiator and Randomizer; a unique 'Play Live' mode; vintage arrangement and pattern builder, full MIDI CC support and, to top it off, the most authentic 18db/oct low pass filter ever created!

Phoscyon has been updated to version 1.8.0, which includes the first fully compatible Audio Unit version for Mac users, as well as many new features and improvements for both PC and Mac users. Some of the new features are:

A new randomizer feature that allows you to switch easily back and forth between randomizing a sequence and editing it.

A new 'Music Roulette' mode that lets you create endless variations of your patterns with a single click.

A new 'Shift Happens' mode that lets you shift the notes of your sequence up or down by semitones or octaves.

A new 'Toccata in F-Major' mode that lets you play live melodies on your keyboard using the 303 sound.

A new 'Acid Force' mode that adds extra punch and bite to your sound.

A new 'SOR' mode that emulates the sound of famous 303 artists such as Sven VÃth, Hardfloor and Josh Wink.

A new 'AZS' mode that emulates the sound of modern 303 artists such as Aphex Twin, Zardonic and Squarepusher.

A new 'Robert Babicz' mode that emulates the sound of one of the most acclaimed 303 producers in the world.

A new 'The Millenium Falcon' mode that lets you explore the outer space with your 303.

Over 800 presets and patterns in factory content, covering various genres and styles.

Improved CPU performance and stability.

Improved GUI with light and dark themes, several UI sizes and HiDPI support.

Phoscyon is available for Windows and Mac (VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX) for â119 at D16 Group's website. You can also try it for free for 30 days at Splice. If you already own Phoscyon, you can download the update from your user area at D16 Group's website.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on the ultimate 303 emulation plugin and unleash your creativity with Phoscyon!

Phoscyon is not just a plugin, it's a musical instrument that can inspire you to create amazing acid tracks. Whether you want to recreate the classic sound of the 303 or explore new sonic possibilities, Phoscyon gives you all the tools you need to express your musical ideas. You can tweak every parameter of the sound, from the waveform and tuning to the filter and envelope. You can also apply various effects such as distortion, delay, chorus and reverb to spice up your sound. And you can sync Phoscyon with your DAW or other plugins using MIDI clock or host sync.

But what makes Phoscyon really stand out is its powerful and intuitive sequencer. You can create your own patterns using the vintage pattern builder or the modern step sequencer. You can also use the built-in presets and patterns or import your own patterns from other 303 emulations. You can edit your patterns with ease and convenience, using the mouse, a MIDI controller or DAW MIDI notes. You can also switch between patterns in real time using the pattern bank or the pattern queue. And you can use the arpeggiator and randomizer features to generate endless variations of your patterns.

Phoscyon is not only a plugin for producers, but also for performers. You can use the 'Play Live' mode to play melodies on your keyboard using the 303 sound and the sequencer. You can also use the 'Toccata in F-Major' mode to play live classical music with a twist. And you can use the 'Music Roulette' mode to create spontaneous acid jams with a single click. Phoscyon lets you have fun and experiment with your 303 sound in ways that you never imagined before. 9160f4


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