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Lady Boys Perfects

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The site design and navigation on PerfectLadyboys has changed completely since our last visit. Not that it was bad before, but now when you enter the site you are on a network page and must find the site in a drop down menu before you get can take in all the shemale content.

Although we have yet to meet a name that couldn't work for any baby regardless of sex, for those who've long felt pigeonholed by the idea that there are certain "boy names" strictly for boys and "girl names" exclusively for girls, why not follow a fairly recent baby-naming trend? In lieu of only perusing gender-neutral lists, many parents are opting to give their baby girls a name traditionally considered to be a boy's name, and we're sure the amount of girl Noahs, Jameses, and Wyatts will only continue to rise. It's a tactic that has long had a place in Hollywood. Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Hayden Panettiere, Parker Posey, Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz . . . their names are all borrowed from the boys' lists. Not only that, but stars have begun adopting this tactic with their own children. (Blake Lively naming her daughter James, for starters!)

As I write this, I am sitting at my laptop computer on the balcony of my apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. Behind me my ladyboy lover is puttering around in the kitchen, washing the dishes from our breakfast.

Sue and I met on an online service that specializes in gay relationships. One look at her pictures and I was hooked. Unlike most of the ladyboy pictures on the online dating service, all of Sue's pictures showed her completely dressed. No cock shots. No ass shots. No bare titties. It is what attracted me to her. She had class.

We quickly walked outside into the humid night air and hailed a taxi. Within minutes we were at the hotel, located on the edge of the Nana Entertainment Plaza, which was a smorgasbord of discos, go-go bars and fancier nightclubs and restaurants. For some reason, Sue was convinced that once I saw her, I would want to pick up some other ladyboy from the Nana Plaza. How wrong she was!

I positioned myself so that I would have better access to Sue's cock. Her uncut manmeat hung down limply and I was determined to change that in a hurry. While continuing to play with her ass with my right hand, I began playing with her cock with my left hand. I began licking her groin area, savoring the lovely aroma of her skin, then running my tongue up and down the length of her cock. Pulling back the foreskin, I was presented with a beautiful mushroom-shaped cockhead. I gently licked her peeslit, and swirled my tongue around the helmet of her cock. She stopped her ministrations on my cock long enough to turn around and smile at me. I know that Sue was concerned with how we would make love since I had never been with a ladyboy before. But now she knew that everything would be fine.

That was two years ago. Today Sue and I have opened a high end boutique in Bangkok. We sell name brand clothing, and also offer a beauty salon and health spa in the same facility. Life is good. Sue and I are inseparable. She greets the customers at our store and charms thefarangs with her incredible looks and lovely personality. And we have built up a strong trade among the locals, especially the ladyboys, who look at Sue as someone who they aspire to become. I handle the business end. We are a great team.

I really enjoyed your tale. I hope things are wonderful there. I want to move to Thailand, real estate is affordable and as you say, my kind is celebrated there. I would feel safe as a white ladyboy in Thailand.

On Saturday, a great crowd turned out to celebrate Senior Night as the Serpents downed Tonopah, 77-35. Five senior boys were honored: Seth Bozzi, Treven Wachsmuth, Ethan Nelms, Alex Palacious and Tony Torres. Wachsmuth led all scoring with a season high 34 points while Bozzi had 15 points and 15 rebounds. Nelms added 14 points.

The wins ran the Serpents record to 22-4 overall and a perfect 10-0 in the 1A Central League. The boys will be the No. 1 seed in the playoffs and will enjoy a bit of rest now before hosting the regional tournament in Hawthorne next week. 041b061a72


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