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Ap9619 Firmware Download PATCHED

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Ap9619 Firmware Download PATCHED

How to Download and Install the Latest Firmware for APC AP9619 Network Management Card

The APC AP9619 Network Management Card is a device that allows you to monitor and control your APC UPS devices remotely. It also provides environmental monitoring features such as temperature and humidity sensors. The AP9619 is compatible with Smart UPS devices that have an AP9617, AP9618 or AP9619 card installed.

To ensure optimal performance and security, it is recommended that you update the firmware of your AP9619 card regularly. The latest firmware version for the AP9619 is 3.9.3, which was released on May 18, 2021. This firmware includes bug fixes and enhancements for various features and protocols.

To download and install the latest firmware for your AP9619 card, follow these steps:

Go to the APC website and download the firmware executable file named apc_hw02_aos394_sumx393.EXE. This file contains both the application module (SUMX) and the operating system module (AOS) for the AP9619 card.

Connect your computer to the same network as your AP9619 card and launch the firmware executable file. The Firmware Upgrade Wizard will guide you through the upgrade process.

Select the AP9619 card that you want to upgrade from the list of detected devices and click Next.

Review the current and new firmware versions and click Next to proceed with the upgrade.

Wait for the upgrade to complete. Do not interrupt the power or network connection during this process.

Click Finish to exit the wizard. Your AP9619 card will reboot automatically and apply the new firmware.

You can verify that the firmware upgrade was successful by logging into the web interface of your AP9619 card and checking the Firmware Revision under Administration > General.

For more information about the AP9619 card and its features, you can refer to the product datasheet and the user guide.

In addition to firmware upgrades, you can also configure various settings and options for your AP9619 card using the web interface or the command line interface (CLI). Some of the settings and options that you can customize include:

Network settings: You can assign an IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS servers for your AP9619 card. You can also enable or disable various network protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, Telnet and SSH.

Device settings: You can change the name, location and contact information for your AP9619 card. You can also set the date and time, language and password for the card.

Notification settings: You can configure how your AP9619 card will notify you of various events and alarms related to your UPS devices and environmental sensors. You can choose to receive notifications via email, SNMP traps or syslog messages.

Threshold settings: You can define the acceptable ranges for various parameters such as input voltage, output load, battery charge, temperature and humidity. If any of these parameters exceed or fall below the defined thresholds, your AP9619 card will generate an alarm and notify you accordingly.

Control settings: You can control the operation of your UPS devices and environmental sensors using your AP9619 card. You can perform actions such as rebooting, shutting down, testing or calibrating your UPS devices. You can also enable or disable the temperature and humidity sensors.

For more details on how to configure and use your AP9619 card, you can refer to the user guide. a474f39169


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