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Horace Silver The Jody Grind Rar

Horace Silver - The Jody Grind: A Funky Jazz Classic

Horace Silver was one of the most influential jazz pianists and composers of the 20th century. He was a pioneer of the hard bop style, which combined elements of bebop, blues, gospel, and Latin music. He also created his own distinctive sound, which he called "funky jazz", characterized by catchy melodies, rhythmic grooves, and soulful improvisations.


One of his best albums in this style is The Jody Grind, released in 1966 on Blue Note Records. The album features a stellar lineup of musicians, including trumpeter Woody Shaw, alto saxophonist and flutist James Spaulding, tenor saxophonist Tyrone Washington, bassist Larry Ridley, and drummer Roger Humphries. The album consists of six original compositions by Silver, each with a different mood and flavor.

The Jody Grind

The title track is a playful and upbeat tune that showcases Silver's knack for writing catchy hooks and grooves. The song is based on a slang term for a dance popular among African American soldiers during the Vietnam War. The song features a call-and-response structure between the piano and the horns, as well as some fiery solos by Shaw, Spaulding, and Washington.

Mary Lou

This song is a tribute to Mary Lou Williams, a legendary jazz pianist and composer who influenced Silver and many other musicians. The song is a slow and bluesy ballad that features Silver's lyrical piano playing and Spaulding's expressive flute solo. The song also has a subtle Latin feel in the rhythm section.

Mexican Hip Dance

This song is a fusion of jazz and Latin music, inspired by Silver's travels to Mexico. The song has a lively and festive vibe, with a catchy melody and a syncopated rhythm. The song also features some impressive solos by Shaw, Washington, and Silver, who display their technical skills and musical creativity.

Blue Silver

This song is a medium-tempo swing tune that showcases Silver's elegant and sophisticated side. The song has a smooth and graceful melody that is harmonized by the horns. The song also features some tasteful solos by Shaw, Spaulding, Washington, and Silver, who demonstrate their musical maturity and sensitivity.

Grease Piece

This song is a hard-driving and energetic tune that exemplifies Silver's funky jazz style. The song has a powerful and infectious groove that is propelled by Humphries' drumming and Ridley's bass playing. The song also features some explosive solos by Shaw, Spaulding, Washington, and Silver, who unleash their full force and intensity.


This song is a cheerful and optimistic tune that reflects Silver's positive outlook on life. The song has a bright and sunny melody that is played by the horns in unison. The song also features some joyful solos by Shaw, Spaulding, Washington, and Silver, who express their happiness and enthusiasm.

The Jody Grind is a masterpiece of funky jazz that showcases Horace Silver's musical genius and personality. It is an album that can appeal to both jazz aficionados and casual listeners alike. It is an album that can make you dance, smile, and appreciate the beauty of music.

If you want to listen to this album, you can find it on [Spotify] or [YouTube]. You can also read more about it on [AllMusic], where you can find album reviews, track lists, credits, awards, and more.


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