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[S4E9] One Last Kiss __TOP__

Jesse and Carrie parted ways ten years ago when she took advantage of a chance to be a model in France, while he wanted to try to succeed in the music business. Now, Carrie ends up kissing Jesse, and that leads him to realize that he does not feel the way about her as he did a decade ago (because he loves Becky).

[S4E9] One Last Kiss

When Jesse comes home, he explains the night's events to Danny, and Danny decides to give an analogy that does not really sit well with his brother-in-law (see Quotes). When Carrie shows up, he explains why he did what he had to do. They part ways after one last kiss (hence the episode's title), then he heads upstairs and explains the situation to Becky, realizing she is the one for him after all. After a kiss (as the inspirational music plays), she realizes that he had some doubts. But at this point, there's no doubt she loves him (and vice versa), and she understands that just as the music stops. After one more kiss, she gets an invite to his next reunion and accepts (as the audience applauds and the EP credits appear).

[As Danny vacuums up after Comet's party, his brother-in-law comes home from the reunion, desperate for some advice.]Jesse: Come on, I need your help here. I just kept thinking: what if I saw Carrie before I met Becky? Or what instead of 10-year reunions, they had, like, 7-year reunions? What if I saw her, and danced with her, and what if I kissed her, what if I liked it, or...Danny: What if Becky hears it? She's upstairs with the girls.Jesse: She's upstairs? Becky's here?Danny: Jess, Jess; calm down. Look, what I think you need to do is sort out your feelings... like you would sort out your laundry...Jesse: [annoyed] Daniel.Danny: No, stay with me on this. Think of your feelings for Becky as your whites, and your feelings for Carrie as your darks. Now, make sure you do separate loads; otherwise, a red sock could get in with your whites, and then you wind up with pink underwear. [But again, he gets the look.] I'm sorry these laundry analogies are highly sophisticated. Look, I think Becky's the greatest. But it's not fair for either of you to get married if you're not sure about your feelings. Whatever you need to do to sort this out, you'd better do it right now.

The episode begins in Russia where our heroes (plus Yuri) are preparing for their hopeful return to America. Hop (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) share a long-awaited moment inside the safehouse. Joyce reminds him about that date at Enzo's they still have to get to, and Hopper says he's been dreaming about his double order of breadsticks, lasagna, and nice "Cheeanti." Joyce asks if he has been dreaming about anything else, and they (finally!) kiss. But it isn't long before they are interrupted by the phone call they've been waiting for from America. It's Dr. Owens' (Paul Reiser) right-hand agent Ellen (Paris Benjamin), who informs Hop that the Doc is "indisposed," and El (Millie Bobby Brown) and Joyce's kids "went off to fight some evil in Hawkins." Joyce comes up with a plan: the particles they saw in the prison are part of a hive mind. If they can sneak back into the prison and destroy the particles, maybe they can hurt the hive mind enough to give the kids an upper hand.

On a happier note, we get the reunion we've been waiting all season for between Hopper and El in their old cabin. They compare their shaved heads ("Bitchin'") and hug and cry, and for a brief moment, everything feels right in the world after the trauma that the Duffer brothers inflicted on us the past two hours. Outside, Joyce is reunited with El and her boys, and Mike and Hopper laugh and embrace. But the peace only lasts for a moment, of course. Cue sinister theme music! Will touches the back of his neck and looks up. The sky darkens as ash-like particles begin to fall. The gang walks through the woods to an open field where they see the grass has started to turn a grey-blue color, and the plants have started to wither and die. In the distance, the sky cracks with red lightning. The end has just begun.

After dropping off Lucas, Erica, and Max at the Creel house, the rest of the group goes over their plan one last time. Then, Steve, Nancy, Eddie, Robin, and Dustin travel through the gate at the Munson home and enter the Upside Down.

Driving up to the Russian no guards are waiting for them. While getting into the sewage tunnel, Hopper hears gunfire going on over in the prison. Back at the hideout, Antonov makes one last national and emotional plea to Yuri to try and convince the smuggler to help.

"Some You Give Away" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of One Tree Hill and the 76th produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on November 29, 2006. As Whitey's last game approaches, the residents of Tree Hill feel the pressure of a looming State Championship. Peyton reveals to Lucas that she has feelings for him and Haley learns the sex of her baby. Nathan and Lucas clash over personal and team goals and Karen shows Deb tough love, while Dan tries to strike a bargain with Daunte.

Later, when Donna takes her children home, the virtual world is bathed in red light, signifying the Library's incoming destruction. Donna cradles her two children together in fear, and orders them not to get out of her sight. Later, at bedtime, Ella asks if she and Joshua are real, and Donna tells her that they both are, even if they stop as soon as she closes her eyes. Donna promises to never closes her eyes again, but as soon as she goes to kiss Ella goodnight, both children are gone!

Suddenly, the Doctor comes running back. He realises that since he knew River's fate all along, his future self would never have just let her die and has had years to think of a way to save her. He knows that he wouldn't just give her a sonic screwdriver without a good reason. Opening it, he finds that it contains a hidden neural relay. As with the data ghosts, her consciousness has been saved there. However, it is fading. The Doctor takes River for "one last run", as he sprints back to the core. He uploads River's data ghost into the Library's computer, as the face of Charlotte looks on and smiles. River appears in a virtual reality created by Charlotte and is reunited with all of her team members for all eternity. The Doctor also fixes the data core so that Charlotte is no longer unstable and it's a good place for them to live. Laughing in surprise, River only says, "He just can't do it, can he? That man. That impossible man. He just can't give in."

Henry Lin with the Asian gang has spread into the Niners' territory, LaRoy's turf. Clay wonders if LaRoy is the one branching out, which would explain why he's been MIA the last few times they've reached out to him (like when they were tracking the Sonora cartel shooters). Jax proposes they move up a gun meet with the Niners to see what the deal is. Luis and his three dozen armed men will back them up. Jax points out privately to Clay that Luis' guys will slaughter the Niners if they're dealing with the Lobos. Clay says it might be time to clean house. "Relationships are over-rated," he says.

LaRoy says the Lobos approached the Niners last month before the Sons got out of prison. Luis wants them to tell the Lobos they have a big buyer, or he's going to shoot every single one of them. Jax and Clay talk to LaRoy privately, telling him Galindo is a better play and they can't get caught in a cartel war. They promise to talk to Alvarez and find a way to cut in the Niners. LaRoy agrees. Gemma visits Piney at his cabin and finds him dead on the floor. She yells at his corpse, saying she warned him.

Unser joins her. Gemma says it had to be Clay. She tells Unser about Clay lying about where he was last night. Unser confesses that Clay read the letters and Unser burned copies. Unser tells her that Clay thinks Tara and Piney have the originals. Gemma realizes that's why Unser has been hovering over Tara. He wants to call in the sheriff, or the next corpse she'll be standing over will be the mother of her grandchild. He compares Clay to a wounded animal, striking out at threats. Gemma says he just needs her more than ever.

Gemma kisses him in more than a daughterly fashion, but Wayne doesn't respond. She wants to find the letters and prove to Clay that there's no threat. Unser regroups and notices the "LS" markings Clay left on Piney's picture frame. He thinks he can steer the sheriff away from Clay.

LeRoy and his guys meet with the Lobos, who have come with a suitcase full of coke to meet their big buyer. A shot rings out. One of the cartel falls dead, then another. Then there's a hail of gunfire with automatic weapons being fired from every corner. LaRoy and the cartel guys take cover. The Lobos use a rocket grenade launcher to blast holes in the wall and escape. Jax screams with rage as he watches the Lobos get away.

Komananov asks Falcon for one last kiss with Bashir, and Falcon accepts. As they kiss, she tells Bashir to remove her earring; it's a bomb. He does so, and the bomb knocks out Falcon. Garak, Bashir and Komananov proceed to knock out Falcon's henchmen. Komananov nearly kills O'Brien, but Bashir stops her from doing so. This makes Komananov question his motives, as Falcon has been trying to kill Bashir for nine years. Bashir notices that Garak's mouth is bleeding after the fight, and they realize that the safety mechanisms on the holosuite have been disabled, and that in addition to keeping the five crewmembers' patterns alive in the story, Garak and Bashir must take care to protect their own lives as well. Komananov then proceeds with the mission. She reveals that Hippocrates Noah has been kidnapping the world's best minds for the past six months, and that he had met each one at a club in Paris. Komananov, Bashir and Garak set out to visit the club. 041b061a72


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