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The story of Charlie and her family are about the love that is lost. One is not quite sure what happens next, but the reader will find out that you will be able to say that you had a good story to read. The film brings us to the big city, and we see how the styles of the real world and the city of the future collide and fall in love. The idea was that it had to be free. It's a black man who dreams of buying a new house, a mother (in the form of a horse) suffers from insomnia and exhaustion. A number of partners in the assortment are the \"malleys, which are side-project by the Russian-Israeli musician Maya Suhanova, while the others are known Russian artists who have collaborated with her in the past. A year before the publication of the book, Moscow resident Mikhail Markutsa launched a campaign on the Internet with the aim of finding the people who wrote the book of questions for girls. Its also a struggle of an author to translate himself in the language that he considers familiar.

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