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A sequence of key, although apparently unrelated, discoveries made in the 1930s led to the lipids' eventual emancipation, gave rise to modern ideas of lipid pharmacology and, at the same time, clarified many outstanding questions relating to anti-inflammatory pharmacology, haemostatic disorders and reproductive physiology. To understand how this came about, we must return to the late 1920s when cracks first began to appear in the prevailing façade of indifference to lipid research.

Superfuse Crack Status

The release of substances from the guinea-pig lung induced by anaphylactic shock. The tissues, including the cat terminal ileum (CTI), the rabbit aortic strip (Rba), the chick rectum (CR), the guinea-pig trachea (GPT), the rat stomach strip (RSS) and the rat colon (RC), were superfused with effluent from a sensitised guinea-pig perfused lung in preparation. Egg albumin (EA) was injected through the lungs (i.a.) and caused a massive release of a substance, which could not be accounted for by the presence of histamine or PGE2, which were also tested directly (DIR) over the tissues. From Vane (1971b), with permission.

By incubating the PGG2 with aortic microsomes and shaking the mixture with ice-cold ether, it was possible to extract and prepare small amounts of PGX for study. The slight relaxation of the rabbit aorta observed in the initial experiments proved to be predictive of a general vasodilator action of this mystery PG. Several superfused vascular preparations such as strips of rabbit mesenteric and coeliac arteries were relaxed by the substance, but some other isolated preparations (mainly intestinal or respiratory smooth muscle) were weakly contracted. The most exciting finding, though, was made while investigating the effect of the extract on platelets. When freshly generated PGX was added to platelets, aggregating agents such as arachidonic acid were without any effect (Figure 6). The effect of PGX was concentration dependent and it was many times more potent than any other known PGs. 041b061a72


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