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How to use unidumptoreg.rar to emulate a HASP dongle

If you have a software that requires a HASP dongle to run, but you don't have the dongle or you want to use it on multiple computers, you can use a tool called unidumptoreg.rar to create a virtual dongle and bypass the protection. In this article, we will show you how to use unidumptoreg.rar and what are the steps involved.

What is unidumptoreg.rar

Unidumptoreg.rar is a tool that can convert a dump file of a HASP dongle into a registry file that can be used by an emulator. An emulator is a software that mimics the behavior of a dongle and tricks the protected software into thinking that the dongle is connected. There are two types of emulators that are compatible with unidumptoreg.rar: Vusbbus and Multikey.

How to use unidumptoreg.rar

To use unidumptoreg.rar, you will need three types of tools: a dumper, a reg file creator, and an emulator. A dumper is a tool that can read the data from a HASP dongle and save it as a dump file. A reg file creator is a tool that can convert the dump file into a registry file that can be used by an emulator. An emulator is a tool that can install the registry file and create a virtual dongle on your computer.

Here are the steps to use unidumptoreg.rar:

Plug in your dongle and run the protected software. Play around with the software for a while.

Using a HASP monitor, such as "Toro Aladdin Dongles Monitor.exe", you can get the two passwords needed to dump the dongle (PW1 and PW2).

Use those passwords to dump the dongle, using h5dmp or h6dmp. Try both. One should work.

With the dump file at hand, use unidumptoreg.exe to create either Vusbbus or Multikey compatible registry files. It is up to you to choose any of them.

Once the registry file is generated, you do not need the dump file anymore. Double click on the registry file to add it to Windows registry.

Install the emulator either Vusbbus or Multikey, depending on which type of registry file you created previously. It will detect the registry file you just loaded and will install drivers. To install the emulator, just run "install.bat" for Vusbbus or "install.cmd" for Multikey. Windows will do the rest. Reboot if asked.

Remove your dongle from USB port. You can now trash your dongle away or keep it safe in original box. Open the protected software. It will work like if real dongle is connected.

Tips and tricks

If your software has some type of time limit or licensing features, you can play with the registry file in the "data" section, changing some bytes at a time and repeating steps 5 to 7. Eventually, you will find bytes that will change your program time limit or add/remove features. This is trial and error. There is no direct solution. Just play around changing some bytes. If the application fails to load, it means you changed an incorrect byte, so put back the original value and try another byte. And so on. It takes time, but eventually you will find it. Also, changing some bytes won't do anything to the application. Keep trying with other bytes. Remember that after changing the registry file, you must always repeat steps 5 to 7.


In this article, we have shown you how to use unidumptoreg.rar to emulate a HASP dongle and run protected software without it. This is a useful tool for backup purposes or for using software on multiple computers without buying multiple dongles. However, we do not condone piracy or illegal use of software. Please respect the intellectual property rights of software developers and use this tool only for legitimate purposes. 061ffe29dd


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