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Frontline Poisoned Waters Worksheet

Frontline Poisoned Waters Worksheet =====

How to Teach Your Students About Water Pollution Using FRONTLINE's Poisoned Waters

Water pollution is a serious environmental issue that affects the health of humans and wildlife. It is also a complex topic that involves many factors, such as sources of contamination, effects on ecosystems, regulations and policies, and potential solutions. How can you help your students understand and engage with this important subject

One way is to use FRONTLINE's documentary Poisoned Waters, which investigates the state of America's waterways more than three decades after the Clean Water Act. The film reveals how iconic water bodies like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound are still in perilous condition and facing new threats from chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and urban runoff.

To help you use this film in your classroom, FRONTLINE has created a Teacher Center with lesson plans, video segments, discussion questions, and web resources. You can find everything you need to plan a unit on water pollution and inspire your students to take action.

Here are some of the features of the Teacher Center:

Lesson Plans: You can choose from two lesson plans that are aligned with national standards and designed for grades 9-12. The first lesson, What Can Students Do: Raising Environmental Awareness, guides students to research a specific aspect of water pollution and create a presentation or school assembly to educate their peers. The second lesson, The Chesapeake Bay: A Model for Regional Cooperation, explores how different stakeholders in the Chesapeake Bay watershed are working together to restore the health of the bay.

Video Segments: You can watch and download four video segments from Poisoned Waters that cover different topics related to water pollution, such as emerging contaminants, stormwater runoff, agricultural runoff, and smart growth. Each segment comes with discussion questions and web resources to help students dig deeper into the issues.

Web Resources: You can find additional information and activities on the Poisoned Waters website, such as an interactive map of water pollution hotspots, a quiz on what's safe to eat and drink, interviews with experts and activists, and links to other organizations and websites.

By using FRONTLINE's Poisoned Waters worksheet, you can help your students learn about the causes and consequences of water pollution, as well as the possible solutions and actions they can take. You can also encourage them to think critically about their own role in protecting the environment and their health. a474f39169


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