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Ladies Mature Dvd

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Anchored by Meg Ryan, one of Hollywood'smost popular actresses, Hanging Up connectedwith its core audience of mature women and grossed $15.7M over the longweekend. The Diane Keaton-directed film tells the story of three sisterswho come together to care for their aging father played by the grumpy oldman himself, Walter Matthau. Ryan has now seen her last five major releasesopen north of $10M reinforcing her status as one of the industry's mostbankable leading ladies. Opening in 2,618 theaters, HangingUp averaged a strong $6,001 per location over the four days.Its three-day portion totaled $13.6M which was also less than the $15Mestimate reported on Sunday morning.

Lady ChatterleyArtificial Eye, 18, 19.99****'Contains strong sex and nudity' warns the BBFC label. However, the dirty mac brigade will be disappointed by Pascale Ferran's mature and exquisite adaptation of one of English literature's most famous 'dirty' classics. As, in my opinion, will the ladies. 041b061a72


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