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To crack a password, a threat actor could attempt to use various brute force password guessing algorithms. For example, rainbow table lookup algorithms, such as GPS (globally significant prime) tables, can offer a more efficient method to identify a password. Alternatively, if hash lookups are in use, the threat actor can use different factors to force a user to select or reuse a known password. Deterrence techniques can be implemented to increase the time it takes to crack the password. For example, using an extension of common user names that are described in a dictionary can increase the time it takes to identify a user password.

Other Advanced Attacks: Attackers building for targeted attacks can also use advanced attack techniques. These techniques can be used to read and write file system data, bypass application controls, or compromise network services. Attackers may also use social engineering to gain administrative credentials, or to steal a user’s sensitive content. A threat actor can easily enumerate users on an account, harvest information to craft spear phishing messages, or take critically sensitive content.

Drawbacks of Using an Inactive Account: Bypassing Security Methods: When users attempt to access a resource, the availability of the resource might depend on the time of day. For example, it is cost efficient for a resource to provide access to its users for the morning based on the assumption that most of users are accessing the resource at that time. The active account may be able to request details of users that access the resource when it is inactive, so the resource can restrict access to certain users at a different time.

For compromised accounts, once the account is disabled, a threat actor could still log into the compromised account. This allows the threat actor access to all of the user’s privileged rights, which may be leveraged for further breaches. d2c66b5586


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