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[S7E4] Tough Love

Nicky and Alex are having behavior problems that are adversely affecting the lives of those who love them, and it gets out of hand when Becky and Jesse cannot bring themselves to put their feet down.

[S7E4] Tough Love

That's sort of what happens when you have deadbeat parents who expect other people to look after their children. Through it all, it's clear that Fiona is giving the kids tough love to push them to do things for themselves.

In Jackson, Mississippi, Jackson Herveaux and Jenny, the werewolf prostitute with whom he has apparently established a relationship with, lounge together in his dilapidated trailer. They are drinking beer in the middle of the day, and sitting in their underwear. The phone rings, and Jenny gets up and answers it. She tells Jackson that the call is for him, and that the caller is a woman who sounds attractive. She playfully warns him that he had better not be cheating on her. He purrs that she is more than enough woman for him, and kisses her. Jackson takes the phone. As soon as he hears Sookie's voice, he becomes immediately concerned and asks her what is wrong. Sookie is at the morgue, calling from a payphone. She gently tells Jackson that his son, Alcide, has passed away. Visibly shaken, he collapses in his chair, as Jenny walks over to him. Meanwhile, in Anchorage, Alaska, Hoyt Fortenberry receives a call while working on his assigned oil-drilling ship. The caller is Jason, who cordially addresses Hoyt as "Mr. Fortenberry" and addresses himself as "Deputy Stackhouse," all on account of Hoyt's memories of Jason having been glamoured away. Upon hearing a police officer from his hometown on the other end, Hoyt appears to already be expecting the worst. Jason informs Hoyt of the passing of his mother, Maxine, and, without going into detail, tells him that she had been killed by a vampire. Hoyt immediately begins to weep, recounting that she had correctly stated that she would die if he left. Overcome with emotion, Jason addresses Hoyt by his nickname "Bubba," and tells him not to blame himself for her death. Confused, Hoyt asks Jason if they know each other. Jason hesitates, and sadly replies that they do not. Sookie asks Jackson when he will be able to make it to Bon Temps. Jackson replies that he and Jenny will be there within a few days. She warns him not to travel at night, because of the danger of the rabid Hepatitis V vampires. Jackson tells Sookie that although he and Alcide hadn't been very close, he knew that Alcide loved her very much, and that she had made him happy. Somberly, Sookie replies that she had loved him, too, and then ends the call. Jason tells Hoyt to call the sheriff's office when he arrives in town to arrange transportation. Hoyt thanks him, and they end the call. Sookie asks Jason how the call went. Moved, Jason marvels over how polite Hoyt was for thanking him for such a devastating phone call. He is clearly on the verge of tears, and Sookie tells him that he must be strong, because the people of the town are looking to him for strength and support. Now that Holly has been recovered alive, Andy will undoubtedly want to spend as much time with her as possible. And with Kevin still missing, and Kenya having gone rogue, Jason is the now the lone police officer in a town ravaged by tragedy and death. Sam walks in and asks them if they are ready. Jason admits that he is not, but that they need to do what they need to do. The three leave the morgue.

Sookie, Sam, and Jason arrive at the Bellefleur residence. They see Coby playing basketball alone in the driveway. Sookie greets him and asks where Lisa is. He points toward the backyard and returns to his game. Sookie tells Sam and Jason that she's going to check in with the kids, and that she'll meet them inside. She starts for the backyard as Sam and Jason enter the house. Lisa is sitting in the backyard on a blanket, looking as depressed as any child whose mother has gone missing. Sookie asks if she may join her, to which Lisa simply shrugs. After a few moments, Sookie makes no attempt to coddle Lisa and simply states "Well, this effin' sucks, dunnit?" Lisa looks up at her and remarks that she is the only adult who isn't pretending that nothing is wrong. Sookie yells to Coby to join them, but he clearly doesn't feel like talking. Lisa tells her little brother to do as he is told. Sookie gently tells Lisa to be nice to Coby; the last thing they need is to start fighting with each other. Sookie asks Coby again to join them, and to bring his basketball with him if he likes. Reluctantly, Coby starts walking over to them, not wanting to hear another patronizing speech that they have already been subjected to. Instead, Sookie tells them that she is not going to treat them as though they are clueless to the frightening reality of their situation. She states that their mom Arlene is a strong person, and that wherever she is, she must be drawing upon the love of her children for strength to survive her captivity. Sookie tells them that their job is to find Arlene and bring her home. Lisa asks how they are to do this when they have no idea where she is. Sookie replies that Holly knows, and that she will unlock the glamoured memories from her mind. She assures them that they will bring their mom, Arlene back safely. Coby asks her to promise them; Sookie does so, but is clearly uncomfortable with making promises.

At the Bill's house, Jessica cannot sleep because she is in too much pain from her gunshot wound. Because of her groans, James also cannot sleep and tells Jessica that she is not healing because she hasn't been feeding. Jessica weakly counters that they don't know that for certain, although it is quite clear that she is in denial. James has had enough and gets out of bed. Jessica asks where he is going, to which he replies that he is going to wake up Bill and tell him that Jessica's injury is not healing. Jessica protests, but James is tired of humoring her, and tells her that if she won't eat for his sake, then at least Bill can command her to feed. He rushes out at vampire speed, as Jessica fumes in her bed. Within seconds, both James and Bill return at vampire speed. Bill sees her wound, and then asks them how long she has been starving herself. When she doesn't answer, he presses harder. James answers that Jessica hasn't fed in nearly two months. Appalled, Bill asks her if her behavior is out of guilt over Andy's daughters. She denies this, and tells him that she and Adilyn are on good terms, and that she even has an invitation to the Bellefleur house. Bill deduces that Jessica has paired herself with Adilyn for protection without a feeding relationship. Shocked at Bill's disappointment, she challenges him on the fact that he also has no human blood donor. As he begins to explain that he is much older and requires less blood to sufficiently sustain him, Sookie enters the house and calls out from downstairs. Jessica sarcastically yells to Sookie to include herself in her intervention. Confused, Sookie enters a scene of an embarrassed Jessica behaving petulantly, as Bill tells her that she cannot go on starving herself out of guilt for killing Adilyn's sisters. James informs Sookie of Jessica's self-starvation. Sookie offers her own blood, but Jessica refuses because of Sookie's Halfling status. Unfazed, Sookie replies that she trusts Jessica not to harm her, but Jessica still will not budge. Sookie then asks James and Bill to give them a few minutes alone to talk. Before he leaves, Bill warns Sookie to be careful; a starving vampire can be very dangerous, even she doesn't mean to be. Sookie shows no sign of fear and sits on the bed. Jessica tells her that she is already aware she will be told to eat because her actions will not reverse the damage that she has done, and that she is only worrying her loved ones. A worn-out Sookie replies that she doesn't even care about Jessica's problems, because she has already seen what is in store for all of them if they do not defeat the rabid Hepatitis V vampires. Three dead Faeries pale in comparison to an entire town being wiped out of existence, and rather than senselessly dwell on the deceased, Sookie is intent on focusing on those who still have a chance to survive. She increasingly grows angrier as she tells Jessica that she will need a lot of help in their rescue attempt, and demands to know if she is willing to put aside her self-harming issues and help. Taken aback by Sookie's forcefulness, Jessica meekly nods her head, but still refuses to feed on her. Sookie then asks who James' human donor is. Sookie later emerges from Jessica's room, and tells James to call Lafayette over. She walks past Bill into the next room, telling him that they need to talk. Bill follows her.

Upstairs, Jessica and James are still in bed when Lafayette appears at the door. He cheerfully walks in, familiarly calls Jessica "Redbone," and asks her how she is. She comments that she is okay, but it is obvious that she is not, and Lafayette remarks on the nastiness of her bullet wound. Jessica is still being stubborn, and when James tries to press her, she coldly snaps at him that she does want to eat, but does not believe that feeding will make her stop feeling empty. Lafayette tries to console Jessica. Jessica laments over the fact that she, a vampire, needs to feed on the blood of "innocent" people to survive. Lafayette humorously assures her that he is not an innocent. She tells him that he is a far better person that she is, to which he replies that he is guilty of doing many terrible things, and yet, still does not despise himself. She challenges him on the fact that she is a killer, and asks if he has ever killed anyone. He hesitates, and, with a pained look on his face, tells Jessica that he killed his lover Jesús. James displays shock at this statement, as does Jessica. She asks him how he came to forgive himself. Lafayette admits that he still hasn't forgiven himself, but has made peace with the fact that he is only human and is just as afraid of death as any other living creature. Jessica replies that Lafayette should be afraid, because her human death had been a very unpleasant experience. He counters that she will certainly experience death again, much worse than the first, if she doesn't eat, and gently coaxes her into feeding on him. She slowly complies, with James (who mouths a silent thank you) standing by to make sure that she doesn't lose control. As she feeds, her bullet wound finally begins to heal. 041b061a72


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